Feeling some Winter Blues? Here are some simple lighting tips to help!

March 12 | By LED National

Its wintertime, we get less daylight hours and there is a good chance that by March, your vitamin D levels will be at their lowest. During the winter, we produce less vitamin D and we also burn though our stores of it in our fatty tissues.  According to Alan Steward at the University of Georgia, “vitamin D could have a regulative role in the development of SAD” (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is believed to affect about 10% of the population.  But even for those of us not suffering from SAD, these tips are worth trying for everyone.

Switch Up Your Lights at Home

Brilli has a WellBright Spectrum line of LED bulbs that can help. They have these neat Get in Sync downlights that allows you to mimic the effects of sunrise to sunset.

Ask your employer to get color-tunable lighting

This type of lighting mimics the effects of sunrise to sunset – In a recent study put in Harvard Business Review, employees’ value comfortable lighting over a myriad of other perks. I posted that on my LinkedIn recently and you can find it here.

Virtual Sky

Now this one is expensive, but it mimics sky colors and sun intensities over the course of a day based on your world location.  The picture above is an example.  Yes, those are LED lights, not actual windows.  How cool is that!