At LED National, when designing a lighting solution for you, we will consider your needs, desires and goals and then consider two main factors when designing your custom solution: light fixture optical designs and appropriate color temperature.

Light Fixture Optical Designs

Selecting the right optic depends on the application.

There is no one fits all lighting solution when it comes to getting the most optimal performance from your lighting systems. One advantage to LEDs is that the light is more concentrated, but the light distribution broadens with distance reducing the effect you desire.  Therefore, LED lamps and fixtures typically have one or more secondary optics, which can consist of lenses, reflectors, total internal reflection (TIR) optics (a lens and a reflector), and diffusers to:

  • Collect the light
  • Magnify its intensity
  • Direct it to a target surface
  • Blur it to enhance beam and color uniformity

Color Temperature

Color Temperature is expressed in Kelvins.  A lower Kelvin number means the light is warmer, closer to incandescent light, which is not be the best choice for a commercial space. A higher Kelvin number means the light is cooler, closer to blue. Color temperatures of 4000 Kelvin and higher are better suited for commercial applications because this type of light helps increase productivity and decrease eyestrain.