LED Lighting As-A-Service (Off Balance Sheet)

Key Benefits

  • No Capital Investment
  • No Credit Check Required
  • Keep the Savings
  • No Personal or Corporate Guarantees
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • We Service the Equipment

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Through our partners at Brightside Capital, LED National has eliminated the financial obstacles for commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations to convert their outdated, high cost lighting systems to advanced, energy efficient LED lighting systems with our LED Lighting-as-a-Service (LAAS) program. Our clients have found the LAAS program to be a simple, excellent opportunity to enhance their facilities lighting, reduce energy consumption, reduce monthly lighting expenses and increase their overall bottomline.


Industry First: Insurance-backed savings guarantee

To prove our long-term dedication to our clients, we provide a third-party insurance policy to enhance the guarantees promised by our No Capital Cost LED Service program.

  • No Capital Investment – we pay for the conversion with zero client investment.
  • No Credit Check Required – no required personal or corporate credit checks, simply provide two years of P&L and Balance Sheets for approval.
  • Keeping the Savings – Our clients typically keep 60%-70% of the energy savings after the conversion.
  • No Personal or Corporate Guarantees – since there is no loan or lease, no personal or corporate guarantee is required.
  • Guaranteed Savings – if the savings are not equal or more than what we proposed, we will offset the difference to ensure the proposed savings.
  • We Service the Equipment – throughout the entire 5-7 year term, we service the equipment and eliminate any current and future maintenance or labor cost.


Advanced Lighting and Controls

  • Better Lights – improve both the quality and energy efficiency of your lighting.
  • Dynamic Controls – manage your lighting levels throughout the day to improve productivity and save more energy.


Ongoing Optimization with No Extra Cost

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance – never worry about issues with lighting system performance.
  • Ongoing Service – ensure the system achieves energy savings and outperforms expectations.


Traditional Financing

Through our partnership with Ascentium Capital, you enjoy the advantages of equipment financing and short-term business loans without having to deal with complicated application procedures or lengthy assessment periods. Ascentium can help you get fast access to the cash to upgrade your lighting to LED, and they structure your repayment options to suit your business’s individual circumstances.

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With Ascentium Capital’s LED Lighting Upgrade financing, you’ll experience:

    • Flexibility: Ascentium offers financing up to $1.5 million for new LED lighting
    • Simplicity: For up to $250,000, all that’s required is a simple one-page application
    • Fast service: Instant credit decisions
    • Low-to-no upfront costs: Deferred payment and 100% financing options are available
    • Buying confidence: With our pre-approvals, companies know what they can afford to spend when shopping for equipment

Plus: ask about all-inclusive financing. The cost of new equipment goes beyond the sticker price and also include shipping, installation, taxes and other expenses. Ascentium’s 100% financing means financing these expenses assists in avoiding upfront costs.

2018 Tax Incentives: Section 179

Tax provisions accelerate depreciation on LED lighting upgrades. When you finance with Ascentium Capital, you may deduct a significant portion, up to $1 million in 2018 (to be adjusted for inflation). There is a dollar-for-dollar phase out for purchases over $2.5 million. Additionally, bonus depreciation has increased from 50% to 100% on qualifying assets. Consequently, not only will Section 179 help bolster your bottom line, you garner the benefits of new equipment and technology that will help grow your business.

On-Utility-Bill LED Lighting (Off Balance Sheet)

Would you rather use your money as a large Capital Expenditure, or pay for the lighting retrofit as you use energy as part of your normal Operational Expenditure?


Key Benefits:

  • No money out of pocket – we fund the cost of the project through your monthly energy bill
  • Lower your energy used by about 20%
  • Best-in-class product warranties – unlimited use!
  • Improve lighting visibility by 20%
  • Instant on/off no matter the type of LED light…..nor more waiting for lights to come to full power.
  • Makes your partners, competitors and stakeholders energy jealous