Our Philosophy

It’s simple. We reduce our customers’ costs and increase their profitability. How?

At LED National, our goal is to utilize LED technology as the platform to maximize our partner’s profitability while improving their environmental impact. We accomplish our goal by offering (1) commercial LED lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption and (2) high efficiency LED message centers that increase customer traffic while reducing marketing costs. We believe the success of our partnerships with our clients will be measured by a flourishing return on investment.

At LED National, we understand that we will only accomplish our goals through excellent customer service and our partner’s prosperous return on investment. We will only succeed if you succeed!

Lighting the Way to Energy Savings

Do you want to see your facility lighting costs go down by at least 60%?


Switch to LED lighting with LED National. We utilize LED technology as the primary platform to reduce your energy consumption, and thus, operational expenses. Here is a simple example of how LED lighting will change your energy costs. LED bulbs use half the energy of a fluorescent bulb, and a quarter of the energy of a traditional incandescent, and a tenth of the energy of metal halides!  From lights and fixtures, to rebates, to our status as an energy broker and LED lighting manufacturer, we will reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint immediately.


Life Span

5-25+ yrs

No Mercury

84% less energy

80% Light

20% Heat

Up to 80% Savings


Life Span

6-10 yrs


Not so Green

40% Light

60% Heat

Up to 75% Savings


Life Span

1 yr

Wasted Energy

10% Light

90% Heat

$0 Savings

   Go Green with LED National

We also believe in being good stewards of the environment.

Environmental Benefits:

Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs low. Roughly, one LED bulb will minimize greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton.


LED bulbs consume less power per unit (lumen) of light emitted which decreases greenhouse emissions from power plants.


LED lights do not contain toxic materials. Did you know that most offices use fluorescent strip lights that contain chemicals such as mercury?  When people throw these lights away, the mercury ends up in our landfills.

We also like to help you with improve your customer base.

Marketing Benefits:

Did you know that green companies are seen as more trustworthy by potential customers?  In addition, businesses who care about the environment get higher customer attraction ratings and their customers tend to be more loyal. By showing how much the earth means to you, you stand to be seen more positively.

High Quality LED Lighting

Turnkey From Purchase to Install

On-going Support & Warranty