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  • 7-Years Product Warranty

Restaurant LED signs and Fast Food LED signs

It is crucial for the food industry to be able to advertise their menus effectively and to stand out from the massive competition. A full color restaurant LED sign will make you stand out from your competition and create an impulse to buy from the thousands of hungry drivers who pass your location daily. After weeks, months, or even years of having static restaurant sign or marquee
restaurant signs to drivers it simply becomes part of the landscape and unnoticeable. Once you are able to use changeable messages or animation to your restaurant or fast food LED sign, drivers will notice you again and you will immediately see an increase in business. Target drivers with different menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at the exact time when they are able to make a decision.

When you buy a restaurant led sign from LED National, you are buying a complete advertising package. This includes a full color restaurant LED sign, custom graphics and animation, and the best warranty in the industry which includes all labor and maintenance costs for the next 5 years. Target thousands of drivers that live in your community every single day at the right time with the right message for only about $20 a day. Your restaurant or fast food LED sign is the best investment you can make to advertise your business the right way. Contact LED National today and we will take care of all your advertising on your restaurant led sign, while you take care of the massive increase in customers.

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The key to successful on-premise messaging is delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Choosing the right LED signage for your location is just the beginning.

We help you unlock the full potential of your LED signage investment with turn-key strategic services such as custom animations, campaign management and ongoing support - included at no extra charge.

LED National’s Total Managed Solutions program makes it possible for you to achieve results without a major commitment of resources. Even better - compare LED display communications to other types of “traditional” advertising and enjoy huge savings over other forms of local marketing.


  • Targets your advertising where it has the greatest impact
  • Draws attention to your organization
  • All inclusive - we manage everything
  • Proven to increase awareness


  • 7-years product warranty
  • 7-years on-site service plan
  • 7-years of custom content/animation creation

let us help you unlock this powerful advertising medium to boost your revenue today!

State of the Art LED Sign Technology

LED National’s products are among the highest performing and most durable LED displays available. Below is a partial list of advantages that distinguish our LED displays from other common brands:

Visual Quality

  • Our signs only use super-bright diodes selected from top tier bins to assure superior daylight brightness, color consistency and color depth. Superior light/heat output ratios ensure higher efficiency and long term performance.

  • We utilize an integrated hardware and software solution for measuring and correcting the brightness and color of each pixel in an LED video screen. Our screen correction system eliminates LED-to-LED performance variations and produces a uniform appearance.

  • Screen calibration can be field performed in the future to maintain like new visual quality for the life of the LED display system.

  • Our standard displays run at 60 frames per second, producing flutter-free, seamless video and smooth transition effects for static image presentations.

  • All displays include photocell controlled, 100 level automatic dimming controls to maintain proper light intensity.


  • LED modules are sealed and weather tight.

  • Unlike many other manufacturers, to ensure that all electronic components are protected from exposure to weather, our aluminum housing cabinetry is IP-65 rated. That means high voltage and electronic components most susceptible to water intrusion (like power supplies and PC controllers) are safely protected from weather up to the force of a direct fire hose.

  • LED modules and louvers are made from GE 94V0 (fire retardant) polycarbonate material.

  • All LED displays undergo a rigorous set of stress tests before shipping

  • LED displays are UL, ETL and CE certified.

  • Field proven quality. Our rugged displays have survived multiple hurricanes, Category 3 tornados and operate flawlessly in extreme climates ranging from sub-zero arctic environments to blistering, arid deserts and humid coastal regions.


  • Our displays are manufactured to strict ISO:9001 quality standards and backed by a standard 5-year warranty.

  • All displays are supported by a national team of engineers, project managers and a network of over 600 qualified field service providers across N. America.

Self Diagnostics to Ensure Maximum Uptime

Diagnostics are performed automatically by and within the LED display.  When the system is first powered up, the entire display is scanned for events.  The system will continue to monitor the display and its health in the background without disrupting performance.  If an event occurs the system will automatically send an alert.


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