Shopping Mall LED Display Advertising Solutions

In a large shopping center, it can often be difficult to capture the attention of potential customers — but LED National offers shopping mall LED display advertising solutions that will get your store or brand noticed.


LED National is a leader in high-impact, cost-efficient LED signage. Our shopping mall digital signage company works with a diverse range of clients to, not just design and install their sign or advertisements, but also provide the necessary service to support it. 


Grab attention of shoppers with shopping mall digital LED display advertising


Operating your store out of a mall or shopping center can be beneficial because of the constant foot traffic, but the downside is that you are competing for attention against many other businesses.

Simply step into a shopping mall, and you will be inundated with advertisements and signs. Our shopping mall LED signage advertising company helps you rise above this sea of promotion with a sign that is:


  • Sizable and dynamic: Our shopping mall LED display advertising solutions can conform to the guidelines of each respective shopping center — but bigger is always better and we have the ability to provide sizable signs and advertisements.



  • Bright: LED lighting is a great way to brighten up a sign or advertisements while minimizing energy usage in the process.



  • Unique: You need something truly unique that will grab the attention of anyone who passes by. Our shopping mall digital signage company has a design team that can help bring your vision to a reality — or help you brainstorm ideas.



The signage and advertising for your business is important in any setting, but it’s even more crucial at a shopping mall where everyone is vying for the attention of the same shoppers. Contact LED National today for a free consultation and quote for all your shopping mall LED display advertising needs.