School Outdoor Programmable Message Board

Communicate important information in a dynamic, eye-catching fashion with a school outdoor programmable message board from LED National.


Your school’s sign can be a hub for information – even for folks that are simply driving by. Instead of trying to fit a bunch of important information on a boring, bland static sign, our school outdoor LED display signage can help you communicate this information with the help of bright, noticeable LED lighting.


With our outdoor programmable message board for schools, you can communicate such important information as:


  • Event announcements: Whether it’s finals week and you have to convey special scheduling or there is a big athletic game coming up, our school outdoor LED display signage for schools can help you post this information, complete with fun and engaging graphics.


  • Messages: With programmable message boards, schools are able to communicate encouraging messages to students, faculty or the community at large. Our school outdoor programmable message board system is easy to manage and can be customized in a matter of minutes.


  • Emergency information: Of course, some of the most important announcements come in times of emergencies. Our school outdoor LED display signage can be used to communicate this important, potentially life-saving information.



LED National handles all facets of your sign — from design and installation to the seven-year warranty that protects it. We also provide a one-year agreement for creating professional content and animations for your sign so you can craft your message in your own special way.


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Every school should have this type of signage — it’s important to keep parents, faculty and the community informed and it also promotes all the great things that go on at your institution. Contact LED National today for a free consultation and quote for any school signage needs. Our team looks forward to working with you!