Las Vegas Casino Style LED Video Displays

You can bring the excitement and flash of the Vegas strip to your own establishment with LED National and our dynamic Las Vegas casino style LED video displays  — and it’s easy, too!


As a truly unique digital LED video display company, we specialize in these highly dynamic, attention-grabbing displays and signage solutions. On-premises advertising and promotion is vital to herding potential clients from high-traffic areas into your establishment.


Not only is our dynamic casino style digital signage visually stimulating, but they offer an opportunity to launch new content and advertise certain elements of your business. If you’re a restaurant, this might be a special, limited-time menu item. For hotels, you develop a campaign for an upcoming event.


While the solutions are highly effective, it’s also important to work with a Las Vegas Casino style digital LED signage company that can help you get the full value of your purchase. That’s where LED National comes in handy.



Explore our Total Managed Solutions


Dynamic digital LED video displays are great, but you need savvy professionals behind them. LED National offers extensive service with our Total Managed Solutions, which include:


  • Display selection and design
  • Streamlined installation
  • A complete year of free and custom animation and message creation
  • Seven-year warranty on your sign or display


Through LED National, you get the peace of mind that your investment in a digital display will go a long way. We will show you proven ways in which to increase your visibility and build effective campaigns that will result in more business for you!



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If you are interested in this truly unique and eye-grabbing form of marketing, please don’t hesitate to consult with LED National — we can analyze your needs and show you how dynamic digital LED video displays can work for you.