Hotel Full Color Outdoor LED Displays

Hotel owners — does your sign communicate everything you want folks to know about your establishment, or could you benefit from cutting-edge hotel full color outdoor LED displays?


Promoting your hotel properly is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make, and LED National allows you to put your best foot forward with our full color outdoor LED displays for hotels, motels, resorts and more.


We handle all of your needs with one great service


With a stunning LED display, you can convey important information, such as:


  • Special pricing
  • Valued amenities
  • Upcoming events
  • Messages to the community
  • And more


None of that information is going to fit on a conventional static sign. LED National works with stunning, dynamic displays that not only convey this information, but does so in a bright, eye-catching fashion.


As your choice outdoor signage supplier for hotels, LED National bundles all necessary services into one — we will design, install and support your sign and display solution for one easy-to-manage price.


Hotel full color outdoor LED displays that are easy to manage


Not only do we handle all of your service needs, but these solutions are quite cost-efficient to operate. While LED displays might come with a significant up-front investment, you will quickly see that investment come back to your budget as the typical solution costs less than $1 per hour to operate.


As a trusted hotel outdoor signage supplier, we offer ultra energy efficient solutions while garnering the attention you are hoping for.


We have a wide range of full color outdoor LED displays for hotels to choose from — including standard and high definition displays. We can help you shop through your options and design a solution that will work best for your establishment.