Digital LED Display Panel Advertising Solutions

When it comes to marketing, just about any business or organization wants to limit their investment while maximizing their return — something that you can do with LED National and our digital LED display panel advertising solutions.


From restaurants, bars and night clubs to banks, hospitals and educational facilities, LED National is a trusted name when it comes to designing, installing and servicing standard or high definition LED panel advertising solutions.


LED National provides deeply engaging and dynamic signage and displays that will grab attention of potential clients and effectively communicate important information about your business or organization.



Maximize your marketing dollars with our high definition LED display advertising company


LED National is a digital LED display advertising company that doesn’t just want to sell you a display — we want to help you maximize your marketing dollars and ensure that you get a great return on your investment.


The ROI for our digital LED display panel advertising solutions has proven to be strong for a number of reasons.


  • For starters, our solutions are cheap and simple to manage. Energy studies have shown that our average displays require less than a $1 per hour to operate. That means you’re paying around $20 per day to have your stunning display going.


  • On top of this low operation costs, our high definition LED display advertising company is able to bolster your sales through our solutions. We design and install your displays and also help develop creative, custom animation and content for them. We’ve increased sales for clients anywhere from 15 to 110 percent!



These LED signs and displays require an upfront investment — one that is quickly made back. We can talk to you more about our Digital LED display panel advertising solutions. Simply consult with a member of our staff to learn more! We’re now offering a free site analysis!