Custom University Scoreboard LED Video Displays

Are you ready to stoke the home crowd and show team spirit with custom university scoreboard LED video displays by LED National? As leading providers of standard and high-definition LED displays, we work extensively with schools around the country to bring this great feature to their indoor and outdoor stadiums.


With our custom university scoreboard structural signage, you are able to communicate important information about the game (i.e. scores, stats, etc.) or your school and its athletic program as a whole. Furthermore, you can use the solutions provided by LED National as your university scoreboard structural signage supplier to sell ad space for an additional source of revenue.



Messaging that stands out in the crowd


Whether it’s near a basketball court or football field, there is a lot going on in these settings that can divert someone’s attention. Luckily, we provide custom university scoreboard LED video displays that are easy to see. The bright, vibrant display that is capable of custom content and animations will help your message stand out in the crowd — literally.



Why make LED National your university scoreboard LED video displays supplier?


Here at LED National, we provide you with the service you need from start to finish. From visiting your site for a free analysis to designing your display, installing it and administering any needed maintenance or repairs — we not only help you shop for the right solution but we help you leverage it!


With our Total Managed Solutions, we even provide a free year of custom animation and content design for your custom university scoreboard structural signage. This ensures that you can create custom marketing campaigns and launch them with ease at your sports facility.


All of our custom university scoreboard LED video displays can be completely customized to mesh with your school’s theme or color scheme. Talk to the team at LED National and we will show you ways in which to enhance the athletic experience at your school!