Cost Efficient Church Signage Solutions

Explore the cost efficient church signage solutions offered here at LED National. Our team works with a long list of churches throughout the country, providing them with a dynamic form of signage that helps get them noticed and convey important information to the community.


As your church structural signage company, we handle all aspects of the job — from conducting a site assessment, planning for your project and designing the sign to installing it and taking care of any service or maintenance needs you might have.


With the solutions offered by our cost efficient church signage company, you can incorporate a standard or high-definition LED display that can feature text content or animation. These church structural signage solutions are great to display such content as:


  • Hours for your services: One of the most important pieces of information you can share with the community is the time and dates for your worship services. We can provide this information in dynamic fashion with one of our displays.


  • Special events: Whether it’s a trip for the local youth group or a special service, you can go into greater detail on our cost efficient church signage solutions so that interested parties can stay in the know.


  • Scripture verses: With the help of our church structural signage company, you can share important verses or small lessons with the community through our displays, helping to further the mission of your congregation.



LED National knows that many churches don’t operate on a huge budget. Not only do we offer some relatively economical options, but LED displays are incredibly cost-efficient to operate. Most cost less than $20 per month to operate and they can gain a lot of attention for your church.


Explore these cost efficient church signage solutions by contacting LED National. We can answer any questions you might have and provide you with more information.