What do you need to know about LED products future trends?

According to Grand View Research Report, LED product market had an amount of over 1,6 billion Dollars in 2014, and their forecastings showed an important growth in years to come. Visual content is more and more appreciated given to the technological progress and there are powerful reasons for any corporation or institution to communicate using it. From brand awareness, promoting sports events, announcing sales to informing regarding church programs, led displays are very useful, being more efficient than other outdoor promoting materials.

1. Led displays leaves behind traditional outdoor advertising


Led displays to have more benefits that made their popularity grow in the last years. Most of them are eco-friendly, have a good resistance to the weather, are more visible and are more efficient in retaining attention. Around the world these Led displays are more and more popular, being estimated a great growth of their use in the next 5 years.

2. Led billboards represent the most sold Led products


The most popular Led displays are LED Billboards, chosen for advertising in growing brand awareness, announce sports events and more, covering the biggest share of the market. The next most popular Led displays are video wall followed by perimeter Led boards.

3. Large screens are preferred


There is also a growth in the demand for large screens, with the good quality view from a reasonable distance. Many corporations and sellers choose this kind of devices given the efficacy they have comparative to traditional devices. Also, the visibility is another plus that led displays have comparative to printed billboards or another kind of printed materials.

4. Full-color outdoor Led displays experience a great growth


In what concerns the colors, statistics show that full-color outdoor Led displays market was bigger than 900 million Dollars in 2014 according to Grand View Research, experiencing a more significant growth comparative to monochrome Led displays. The experts say that this displays will know a bigger popularity in the next years given the advantage they bring in transmitting the visual content of a higher quality.

5. Led displays suppliers are more oriented to provide differentiation.


Orientation to quality and innovation is mandatory on surviving in Led displays market. Each supplier tries to differentiate offering better and more. Led National is one vendor that doesn’t t only offer a great diversity of products but also full-service solutions starting from delivery to installation and customer services.


Written by Lucian Ghiata