LED Sign Advertising Sells
Superior Content Sells More

Think of LED National as your in-house design agency for compelling LED sign advertising content.

Most LED sign providers will sell you an LED sign, give you a library of canned animations and train you to use their software system. Not LED National.

We take the time to work with you to understand your specific advertising needs and will develop an effective ad campaign designed to motivate the maximum response to your on-premise advertising.

Illustration: Which ad do you think will sell
more meals per day?

Our Process

There are several steps in successfully deploying LED display advertising such as choosing the right type of sign, the correct size, resolution, placement and control method. But the most important factor in determining whether your sign generates MAXIMUM RESULTS is the presentation of the content.

As with any other form of advertising, the creative concept of the ad, it’s delivery and how it resonates with the intended customer audience determines the level of the  advertisement’s response. The right message, focused on the right people at the right time is the ultimate way to achieve consistent results.

Unique content strategies for your on-premise sign advertising to achieve maximum results.

Day part ad campaigns to boost response.

We will help you develop a content schedule that features different products/services at different times of the day (i.e.: breakfast items from 6am to 11am, lunch menu from 11am to 1pm, etc.) to achieve maximum relevancy to your customer base.

Keep your advertising messages fresh.

To capture the continued attention of your audience, there must always be some fresh, updated, curious or useful content. Otherwise people get accustomed to the ads and will stop looking at them. We provide new custom animations on an ongoing basis as a standard part of our comprehensive service.

Manage you inventory in real time.

We can help you fully unlock the marketing power of on-premise sign advertising by developing an ad-based inventory management system that allows you to instantly promote any item that needs to be moved at any time - at the point of sale. No other ad medium can do this.

Present ad content that is relevant to your audience.

LED sign advertising allows you focus on different demographic groups at different times of the day. For example, we can help you develop campaigns to promote to construction workers in the early morning, soccer moms in the afternoon and office workers in the evening rush hour, etc.

Differentiate from your competitors.

LED National will work with you to develop LED sign advertising campaign strategies that highlight your advantages over your competition. In many cases you will literally be able to reach your competition’s customers who are on their way to buy - and redirect the sale to you!

Promote based on seasonal needs.

Consumer preferences fluctuate with the seasons. We will help keep your advertising relevant by developing content to promote items in sync with seasonal needs. Imagine a retailer being able to run a snow blower ad to passing shoppers immediately as snow begins to fall!

Don’t just buy a sign - let us help you MAXIMIZE your on-premise sign advertising results. All LED National on-premise sign plans include ongoing strategic content support.

Led sign advertising sells - superior content sells more

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