Business owners investing in LED signage are not professional advertisers or graphics experts yet our competitors expect them to be, by simply selling them an LED sign. From the start, our firm noticed a huge void in the LED signage industry because of this fact and LED National aims to fix it.

25+ years of experience …

LED National’s business model is simple; we focus on offering professional custom advertising content using the highest quality LED sign on the market, all installed, managed, and parts and on-site labor warranty.

This allows the business owner to focus on what he does best, while we as professionals and experts in graphics and marketing handle their on-site advertising providing the customer with the maximum impact of a LED sign. We call this our “Total Managed Solutions” program and although very valuable; it will be included with all standard sales!

No competitor has the infrastructure to offer what LEDNational offer because no competitor is built from the ground up to do what we do. LEDNational hired a team of advertising and marketing experts to offer our clients content that is specific to their industry and not a cookie cutter, one size fits all image or animation. The right message at the right time makes a big difference in how much ROI you can expect from our OEM led display.

High Quality LED Signs

All Inclusive Service – We manage everything!

On-going Support & Warranty

Custom Advertising Content

LEDNational is so serious about the importance of the content that goes on your new LED sign that we hired the most experienced LED sign graphics designer in the US!!! With over 26 years of experience working on thousands of LED signs, she is the most sought after LED graphics designer by major brands nationwide. LEDNational hired Rachel Walters specifically because it takes a special skill to create LED sign graphics and not all graphics artists are equipped with this skill. Rachel Walters heads our graphics department and has worked for the biggest sign companies in the industry. Content has to be specifically created for each individual sign using the matrix of that sign. Competitors will sell you an LED sign and tell you to use “canned” images that are built into the software, but they won’t be made for your particular sign matrix. The result; your image comes out choppy and un-legible making your investment useless. Because most business owners are not professional advertisers, in many cases they don’t know how to use that sign and what type of message to display on it. The result can be a cluttered sign with so much information that the message never gets across to its target market.  Also, the use of different color combination might make the sign hard to read. While the right message at the right time using a LED sign will bring maximum ROI for the client, the wrong message can have the opposite effect no matter how great your LED sign is.

Because we offer a Total Management Solution, we only carry the highest quality LED signs on the market guaranteed! LED National has partnered up with the premier US manufacturer, with over 20 years’ experience manufacturing the highest quality signs, to develop our OEM product. Our LED sign product offers the longest life expectancy of any on the market today. Even today there are thousands of Optec LED signs in use after 15+ years that are fully operational nationwide! Our OEM product offers the highest nit brightness, self-diagnostics capabilities, self-calibration, and in most cases zero downtime. We are so sure of the quality of our product we are including full parts and on-site labor warranty for your sign as well. Give us a call today, we set the industry standard!


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